Lindsay's Update on Lorena Guiselle

 Summer has been flying by!  From my last update , things got more serious for awhile as we faced the reality of what the purpose of this stay was. We had a very emotional and very grim second doctors appointment where we started to discover the extent of damage to Guiselle's arm.  The doctors were very thorough and discussed all options and possibilities with us which included amputation.  We were all in tears as the doctor shared his doubts that guiselle would ever get any movement or growth out of her arm.  Xrays showed extensive damage to the growth plates and her elbow. After letting things settle for 2 weeks, we moved forward with hope and prayer filled hearts.  I think we were all hoping for a small miracle.  While the doctors were correct about Guiselle's permant loss of movement, the surgery went as well as they could have hoped for.  They saved her arm- no amputation! Her arm is now straightened to about a 130 degree angle.  Her skin is healing beautifully. They planned for 2 areas of skin grafts which she will get on August 4th.  There is a third small area that may need a graft as well but considering the amount of incisions, it is better than they expected.  She has not had any pain throughout this process.  I wlsh we could hope for the same with the next surgery but I'm afraid there is no way around the pain from her skin donor sites.  If all goes well with the grafts, they will fit her for a sleeve (the pressure garmet you see burn patients with) and then she should be able to return home after that.  So hopefully in 5 weeks! I am sure they are terribly home sick and would love a shortened trip.

In the mean time, there have still been some fun things. Thank goodness for Amy who took Lorena to fetal photos and let her find out that she is expecting her third son! I am not sure her husband will recognize her as she is definitely looking very pregnant.  Amy came to the rescue again as Lorena no longer had very many clothes that would still fit. Now she has 3 bins full from Amy. Their weekend with the Dukes also included an outing to This is the Place Park and Rancho Markets. I think it was refreshing for Lorena to have a store filled with more ethinic foods and everything written in spanish. Guiselle inherited a bunch of clothes from Amy's neighbor and I can tell she has loved getting dressed in them every day. 

They have been able to make a few friends out here. My neighbor is from equador and her husband served an LDS mission in Guatemala.  They took Lorena and Guiselle all day saturday.  They ate dinner downtown and then went up the canyon to a cabin they own.  They also tracked down some people they new from home that moved here 10 years ago. They have spent the last two sundays with them, one of which included a tour of temple square. I think it is refreshing for them to be around families that all know Spanish but I think they are wondering about all this Mormon stuff!  haha.

Guiselle was in the Hospital over the 4th of July and was able to see a few fireworks out the window but on the 24th it was our State celebration and we took them to fireworks. I didn't prepare Guiselle well enough. We were very close to them and when the first ones went off, they scared her to tears.  But after she recovered, she loved them and was smiling ear to ear for the rest of it.  The next night we did smaller fireworks at home and there was no doubt that Guiselle was familiar with sparklers. She has the best smile and I love it when she shows it!

We finally made it over to the library and found out they do indeed have a Spanish section. They each checked out 4 books and my son was especially excited to see one of Guiselle's choices was a book that he has.  He loves her and I can't get over how fun it is to watch them play together.  He is a typical XBOX junkie of this generation and he's been teaching her.  He reported today that she is getting much better!  It's too cute.