Lorena Guiselle and Elsa Lorena First Days in U.S.

Lorena Guiselle and Elsa Lorena on the Walnut Street Bridge, Chattanooga, TN

Lorena Guiselle and Elsa Lorena on the Walnut Street Bridge, Chattanooga, TN

Lorena Guiselle’s first stop in the USA was in TN and  Atlanta.  Since they had to stop somewhere between and Guatemala and Utah, we decided to provide the opportunity to see a little more of the USA and spend time getting to know our family.

Guiselle and her mother  Elsa Lorena arrived to Atlanta  on a Friday May  29 and spent the weekend in Chattanooga where they learned  a little bit of American Life.

She enjoyed a visit to the Aquarium,  Coolidge Park  where she  was  able to go on a merry go round  ride.

We also walked  across the TN river. She was shy but we were able to know she was enjoying her time.


She told me her favorite food is Hamburgers.  My husband thought she has to try  a home made  grilled hamburger so  he prepared some for dinner.


After dinner we watched cartoon movies in Spanish.  On Sunday Lorena Guiselle and her mom went to church with me.  After church a blessing was given to Guisselle . It was a  beautiful blessing promising that she will get heal and a reaffirmation of the great love our Heavenly Father has for her.

After church we had dinner with my family. They both enjoy the time since all of us speak Spanish.

Lorena  later that evening we went for a walk around the lake. She enjoyed the ducks.

I wish was able to spend more time with such sweet ladies. Listening from Elsa Lorena the story of what happened to her daughter when she was 4 years old and what they have gone through  was very touching. 

My daughter Emily spent the following couple of days as they had some challenges with the airline overbooking their flight.  Emily took them to the store purchased a prepaid phone so that they had a way to communicate in case of an emergency. She prepared their everyday Chapin meal for them.

It is such a good feeling to know that they will be well care for amazing families and doctors  in Utah. As we said bye we promised to keep in touch  to pray for them daily and continue helping them in any way possible.