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Our missions bring together medical, dental and humanitarian professionals to serve in rural communities in Guatemala and Peru.

About our Missions


We coordinate medical practitioners from multiple specialties (e.g. internal medicine, gynecology, gastroenterology, dermatology, pediatrics, podiatry and family medicine) to provide medical care. We form teams based on the needs of our patient base and the availability of medical equipment and support staff. We seek physicians, nurses, interpreters (Spanish<>English), and pharmacists to support our medical missions. We also rely upon the generosity and altruism of our volunteers to gather, organize and/or donate medical supplies, medication, and support staff.


Through the support of our volunteers, we have gathered dental equipment to carry out dental missions. These missions serve pediatric and adult patients who otherwise would have no access to oral health care. We welcome dentists, dental assistants and interpreters (Spanish<>English) to join our dental missions.


We organize surgical teams from the U.S. to provide surgery (plastic surgery, gynecologic surgery, and general surgery). The surgeries performed improve the lives of our patients in countless ways. For our surgical teams, we seek surgeons, nurses (scrub nurse, circulator nurse, pre-op surgery nurses, post-op surgery nurses), and anesthesiologists. 

Join our Missions

We depend on our the skills, compassion, and experience of our volunteers to make these medical missions possible. We welcome volunteers to apply to join our upcoming mission.

There are limited positions available for each mission, so please apply early. We compose medical teams based on the needs of the mission and space available. Please refer friends and family who offer medical skills that align with goals of our mission. If you have a medical specialty that does not show in the application form, do not hesitate to contact us to see what opportunities there are to integrate you into a mission. 

For each of our missions, we select a limited number of non-medical volunteers who are committed to supporting the mission in the following roles: humanitarian volunteer, family support volunteer, and team journalist, and team photographer.

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